Extrusion Laminating Machine Maintenance and Maintenance

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Extrusion Laminating Machine Maintenance and Maintenance
      (1) The electromagnetic speed regulating motor should turn the speed regulating knob of the speed regulating table smoothly and slowly when starting, regulating and closing. It is not allowed to make sudden speed regulation, so as to avoid damage to the motor, instrument and machine.
      (2) Before starting the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, the speed regulating knob should be adjusted back to the "zero" position.
      (3) When the extrusion temperature is heated, the set temperature must be adjusted to a control position that is 30-50°C lower than the process temperature. After the temperature reaches a constant temperature for 5 minutes, it is adjusted to the process temperature, and the temperature is kept constant for 15 minutes before starting. The extruder runs at low speed, and after cleaning the die head, it is put into compound production.
      (4) It is strictly forbidden to start the extruder motor if the temperature required by the process is not reached. It is forbidden to run the extruder with no load (no material added) to avoid scratching the barrel or screw.
      (5) No non-plastic debris (especially metal) shall enter the extruder.
      (6) The outlet of the die head is an important link in determining the quality of the product, so be careful. Use soft metals (such as copper sheets, aluminum sheets, etc.) for cleaning tools to avoid scratching the die lip and affecting the quality of the extruded film.
      (7) When compounding, the silicone rollers (some use rubber rollers) should be checked frequently, and the materials adhering to the silicone rollers should be removed in time. The cleaning tool should be chamfered bamboo, and sharp tools are not allowed to avoid damage to the silicone roller.
      (8) When the composite rubber roller and steel roller are not working, they should be released in time.
      (9) The magnetic powder brake is equipped with a natural cooling device, which is not generally cooled by water or forced air. In the case of full load for a long time, the brake stator can be cooled by water, and the coil can be cooled by forced air. If the magnetic powder brake cannot reach the torque after working for a long time, it should be disassembled and cleaned and added with magnetic powder.
      (10) Pay attention to check the working condition of the cooling water circulation system to maintain the cooling effect.

      (11) Electrical facilities should be avoided from being polluted by grease.

      (12) If abnormal phenomenon or abnormal sound is found in the production process, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and troubleshooting.


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