Extruder operation steps

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Extruder operation steps

       (1) Add the dried and stirred resin into the hopper.
       (2) Start the extrusion motor, and use the "starvation method" to slowly feed the resin, so that the resin is heated and melted in the barrel, uniformly pressed, squeezed to the head of the machine, and the extruded tubular film is damaged.
       (3) After the die is discharged, pay attention to observe the extrusion of the tube blank. If it is found that the discharge of the tube blank is uneven, the die gap must be adjusted. When the tube blank is uniformly discharged, slowly pull the extruded grid tube blank, and when it is pulled to a certain distance, the top end of the tube blank is closed. At the same time, the blower is turned on to supply air to the air ring, and the air is discharged from the air ring to cool the film tube; open the air system valve to pass a small amount of compressed air into the machine head to prevent the tube walls from sticking to each other, and then carefully pass the tube blank through the chevron splint And penetrate the traction roller.
      (4) After the film tube passes through the traction roller, the amount of compressed air can be gradually increased, so that the tube blank can be inflated to the required requirements, and the air valve can be closed, and at the same time, the speed of the speed regulating motor of the extruder can be controlled to the required extrusion speed. Then adjust the traction speed and adjust the air volume and uniformity of the air ring.
      (5) When the film production condition is stable, cut the sample to check the thickness and width of the film, replace the unqualified film after meeting the requirements, restart the winding, and ensure the winding quality.
      (6) In the normal process, pay attention to observe the condition of the film tube, especially the width of the film. Because the pressure of the traction roller is too small, the air leaks in the film tube, or the pores appear in the film, so that the bubble tube gradually shrinks.
      (7) Replace the filter. When the film has ink spots and holes, it is necessary to stop and replace the filter screen. The usual time to replace the filter screen is: if the raw material is a new material, the filter screen should be replaced every three days. If the raw material is mixed with recycled recycled material, it should be determined according to the proportion of recycled material and the quality of the recycled material. Usually, the resin mixed with recycled material should replace the filter screen every 24 hours. . When the resin is a new material, put 5-8 sheets of 0.25mm flat filter screen, and put 12-18 sheets of resin mixed with recycled recycled materials. The replacement method has been introduced in Chapter 1, Section 3 of this book.


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