Plastic woven bag wire drawing production operation

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Plastic woven bag wire drawing production operation

First, the operation before starting
      ①Weigh or measure the raw and auxiliary materials required for drying and stirring. For the raw material mixed with recycled material particles, firstly add the recycled material particles into the drying mixer for heating. The mixing temperature of the recycled material particles is controlled at about 80 °C, and when the temperature reaches a certain value, the heat is released in the mixing box. Then add the new material into the drying mixer and when the stirring temperature reaches 50°C, add the filling masterbatch to continue stirring, and the masterbatch becomes powder. If you need to add coloring pigments, add the required coloring pigments in time, stir for about 1 minute, and release them in the mixing box and mix with the recycled material particles evenly.
       If the raw material is powder mixed with recycled material particles, first heat the recycled material particles to about 70°C, add the filling masterbatch and continue to stir, when the temperature is set, put it in the mixing box and mix it with the powder released later. .
      If the recycled material particles need to be added with paraffin, first heat the recycled material particles to about 0°C, then process the paraffin wax into small pieces and continue to stir.
     (2) Add the prepared resin into the hopper of the extruder.
     (3) Open the cooling water valve of the water tank.
     (4) When the extrusion temperature reaches the specified requirements, keep the temperature constant for 15min.
     2. Boot steps
     (1) Start the extruder motor for about 30s and immediately stop it, observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon, and repair it immediately if it is abnormal. After the fault is eliminated, start the motor to run.
     (2) Start the electromagnetic speed regulating motor of the drafting machine and adjust the speed to the required position.
     (3) Start all motors of the wire winding machine and adjust the required speed.
     (4) When the molten material is extruded from the die mouth, use a 0.2mm thick plug to clean up the dirt in the die mouth and the coke on the die lip.
     (5) Pull the flat film out of the water tank and roll it on the film roller of the drafting machine. After the flat film is flat and clean, the packaging bag processing technology of new and old plastics is introduced, and when there is no spot, the flat film is pulled through the slitting frame and the wire guide Roller, I oven, drawing guide
Roller, Ⅱ oven, shaped godet roller, and then the knife handle with the knife holder is put on the flat film cutting wire blank through the above process to form the required flat wire, and then the wire is wound on the wire winding machine.
     3. Normal operation
     (1) When the machine is running normally, adjust the rotation speed of the extruder, stretching machine and wire winding machine according to the required thickness of the flat wire.
     (2) Adjust the temperature of the two ovens.
     (3) Adjust the tension of the winding wire, adjust the 15A voltage regulator to 100~160V, and the far flat wire is elastic between the drawing machine and the winding machine.
     (4) Observe the thickness of the film at all times. Once it is found that the film is gradually thinner, replace the filter immediately.
     4. Parking steps
     (1) Adjust the heating temperature controller of the barrel, tee and die head to the lower level before shutdown
     (2) Reduce the screw speed to zero, turn off the extruder motor, reduce the drafting oxygen speed to zero, and turn off the drafter motor.
     (3) Cut the flat wire. The closer the cutting wire is to the winding machine, the better.
     (4) Turn off all motors of the wire winding machine.
     (5) Turn off all heater power.


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