Rubber plastic low pressure water delivery pipe

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Rubber plastic low pressure water delivery pipe
Low pressure water pipes are widely used in agriculture and construction in China. In the fruit tree plantations in the north and northwest, and in the large vegetable plantations in the south, you can see the spectacular scene of water pipes, and the amount of water is also very large. It can also be seen everywhere on urban construction sites.
At present, China has about the following types of low-pressure water transmission pipes in the market: 1) canvas water transmission pipes produced by webbing process; 2) Hard plastic water delivery pipe produced by thermosetting plastic or paste resin dipping process after weaving; 3. Dimension enhanced water delivery pipe;
4) Polyethylene is used to directly extrude single-layer transparent or translucent all plastic water transmission pipe.
The low-pressure water pipes made of the above materials have some shortcomings in use. For example, the market price of woven canvas water pipes is high, and the waste pipes can not be recycled after use, resulting in a waste of resources; The price of water pipes produced by thermosetting plastics is low, but the waste pipes can not be recycled, resulting in environmental pollution; Although the waste products of PVC fiber reinforced composite extruded water delivery pipe can be recycled directly, the qualified rate of finished products is low. In use, it is easy to "separate" due to the low bonding strength between the inner and outer layers, and the service life is low; The single-layer water delivery pipe directly extruded by polyethylene is thin and easy to break. It is a disposable water delivery pipe. Moreover, these low-pressure water transmission pipes have the disadvantages of easy hardening, brittleness and low elasticity under low-temperature working environment. This example introduces a new type of low-pressure water delivery pipe with low cost, good weather resistance, direct recycling of waste products, light pipe body, no environmental pollution, high peeling strength and repeated use.
1. Material selection and formula design
The formula is composed of main raw materials, modified materials, fillers, antioxidants, lubricants, colorants, light stabilizers, reinforcing materials, etc.
(1) The selection of main raw materials SBS is polystyrene (s) polybutadiene di (b) - polystyrene (s) block copolymer. It has the high elasticity of rubber and the plasticity of thermoplastic at room temperature. It can be formed by the processing method of thermoplastic. It has the basic characteristics of both rubber and plastic. It is usually called thermoplastic elastomer. The performance characteristics of SBS are: ① without vulcanization and crosslinking process, it is easy to process and shape, short processing cycle, low energy consumption and high efficiency. Waste products and leftovers can be processed repeatedly and fully recycled; ② Good physical and mechanical properties, high strength, good elasticity at low temperature, friction resistance: ③ low density, light weight, easy coloring, comfortable texture: good compatibility, can be blended with a variety of rubber and plastic materials. It can improve the cold resistance, tensile property, impact resistance and adhesion of products; ⑤ The product is non-toxic, safe and hygienic, and has a wide range of uses.
(2) Selection of modified materials SBS has the characteristics of good elasticity, wear resistance and excellent low-temperature performance, but SBS has low hardness, low modulus, poor tear resistance and high price. SBS is usually blended with other polymers to obtain better performance and economic benefits. Polystyrene (PS), polyethylene (PE) EVA and gummalone resin were added to SBS respectively to carry out the comparative test of reinforcement and modification of SBS. The results are as follows: tensile strength of resin project / mpa500% tensile stress / MPA permanent deformation (%) elongation (%) hardness shore.


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