PS three-layer composite plate

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PS three-layer composite plate
1. Material selection and plate specification: polystyrene (PS) and high impact polystyrene are selected as raw materials and processed into three-layer composite plate with width of 800mm and thickness of 0.5 ~ 2.4mm. It is mainly used for refrigerator, packaging and impact and buffer packaging plate. 2. Three layer composite unit. Hollow board production line com
(1) Figure 9 of the feeding device. The adjustment enables the flow between the gas molecular sieves and takes away the moisture in the material, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. The driving power of the extruder is supplied by DC motor to ensure that the machine can accurately control the rotation speed within the torque range of production. Through the belt pulley and trapezoidal belt transmission, when the main engine exceeds the torque, the automatic slip can play a protective role.
The extruder material Jane and screw are made of 38crmov9. The surface of the screw is treated by ammonia infiltration after processing, which has excellent wear resistance. Fully enclosed far-infrared heating is adopted for the material Jane, and the temperature is fed back to the console through the thermistor plug for zoning control. Each zone is equipped with a 0.5KW cooling fan. Water cooling is adopted at the feeding port. If the temperature exceeds the deviation, make the machine work or heat through the disconnection or connection of the relay, and the control accuracy is ± 1 ℃. Two tr60 extruders of the unit are equipped with bypass exhaust device. The exhaust pressure is adjusted by the pressure regulating valve to control the melt flow, so as to ensure that the conveying capacity of the first metering section of the exhaust extruder is balanced with the extrusion capacity of the second metering section. The unit is equipped with two exhaust screws. Hollow board production line com
(2) The extruder is installed on the track to facilitate the front and back movement and adjustment of the unit during the assembly and disassembly of die head and screw.
(3) The unit is equipped with a double station fast automatic screen changer. When the impurities on the filter screen increase, the pressure increases and the screw back pressure reaches a certain value in the production process, the console buzzer will automatically sound to remind the operator to replace the filter screen. At this time, as long as a new screen is installed on the waiting station and the pressure of the oil pump reaches a certain value (17.6mpa), push two perforated plates and filter slide plate through the oil pressure piston to change the station. All actions can be completed within 1s.
(4) The machine feeds one die head when three extruders are used. Therefore, multiple fixed values are adopted, and the longitudinal melt flow rate is basically the same and flows out evenly from the die lip gap. The clearance of the die lip is according to the clothes hanger type flat seam die head fed by the branch pipe. After the materials are combined in the front of the mold cavity, the thickness of the plate (sheet) can be adjusted through the choke block. The width of the die lip is 850mm. During the production process, both sides are adjusted with feeler gauges to produce plates (sheets) of various widths. Hollow board production line com
(5) The three press and auxiliary equipment of the three press and auxiliary equipment (film) production line unit, such as guiding traction device, electrostatic elimination device and coiling device, are also installed on the horizontal track to facilitate the adjustment in the production process. The three roller calender adopts chrome plated roller, with polished surface, excellent gloss and surface hardness of 70hrc. The diameters of the three rollers are 120mm, 315mm and 315mm respectively. The upper, lower and horizontal distances of the three rollers are adjusted by screws to meet the spacing between the three rollers and the die lip outlet required by the process. The opening and closing of the upper and lower rollers are controlled by pneumatic pistons to ensure that the linear contact pressure between the surfaces of the rollers is 2 ~ 40kg / cm. The surface temperature of the roller is obtained by the double effect water snake pipe. It alternately enters and discharges hot water of a certain temperature along the roller to control the uniformity of the surface temperature of the roller, so as to give the surface calendering effect of the plate (sheet) material.
In the process of plate (sheet) production, it also needs to go through guiding, trimming, static elimination, coiling and other processes. The width of the plate (sheet) is obtained by adjusting the distance between the two cutters with screws. The leftover material of the cutting edge is wound up automatically. The power of the winding motor is 1.5KW, and the rear channel is equipped with an electrostatic elimination device. The coiling of plate (sheet) materials adopts double station coiling, and the rotation operation is carried out in the production process. The coiling shaft adopts the structure of tensioning wheel, the pressure is obtained by the cylinder, the coiling power is provided by the DC motor, the motor power is 7.5kW, and the maximum coiling mass is 120kga. Hollow board production line com


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