Polyurethane floor paving material

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Polyurethane floor paving material
Polyurethane pavement material is a new polymer synthetic material developed in recent years. It has the characteristics of high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, shockproof and sound insulation, strong adhesion with the ground, adjustable hardness, chemical corrosion resistance to a certain extent, durability, elegant appearance, easy maintenance, convenient construction and no joints, so it is widely used. Hollow plate production line www.handern com
Polyurethane has the advantage of multi-function. It is currently recognized as the best sports ground paving material in the world. Its products meet the international competition standards. It is widely used in various track and field sports venues, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, as well as super purification rooms for electronic instruments, playgrounds for kindergartens, park roads, libraries, operating rooms of medical and health systems, X-ray rooms Marine deck and other plastic floors. Hollow plate production line www.handern com
1. polyurethane playground
Compared with other runways, polyurethane runways have good elasticity, wear resistance, skid resistance, beautiful color, clean site, easy maintenance and management, and are not affected by climate and other conditions. This kind of ground is flat and uniform, which can absorb vibration and bounce freely. If an athlete falls, it can reduce or reduce the degree of injury. In addition, because the runway is bright and beautiful, it can give athletes a sense of comfort, inspire their spirit and improve their competitive level. (1) When setting up the heavy urethane plastic as the runway rubber surface, it is necessary to consider the upward penetration of the water under the base course and the drainage of the rubber surface. The base course is generally paved with cement concrete and asphalt concrete on the membrane, and then a 100mm thick cement concrete is paved with a gravel layer. In order to isolate groundwater, a layer of plastic coating can be paved on the gravel layer.
② The paving is the same as the mud concrete base course, and a layer of 40mm thick fine asphalt concrete is paved on the pin. When setting the asphalt base, first lay a 60mm thick layer of leased asphalt concrete on the gravel layer. Hollow plate production line www.handern com
(2) Layer formulation urethane sports ground rubber surface layer is formulated with two components, one component is prepolymer; The other component is color paste. Polyether polyurethane casting adhesive (made of polyether color paste)
(3) Component A and component B of the adhesive surface course shall be prepared according to the ratio of a:b of 928, and there shall be an appropriate amount of waste rubber particles in component A and component B. After the two are mixed evenly, they are sent to a special laying machine for continuous laying on the base course.
① Mechanical method. The component A and component B storage tanks are installed on a special vehicle, which enters the screw mixing head through the metering pump, and then enters the impeller mixer together with the waste rubber particles for uniform mixing. They are cast on the asphalt or cement concrete base by the shooting tank. The vehicle is also equipped with a leveling frame to automatically level the rubber surface. Hollow plate production line www.handern com
② The work preparation layer is constructed manually. It can be laid in 2~3 times, so that the rubber surface is 13~15mm (4) polyurethane plastic track standard polyurethane pavement material. Its performance meets the quality standard of gb/t14833-93, and also meets the standard of the international track and field Federation. Its characteristics are as follows.
① All. ② Weather resistance, durability, wear resistance, oil resistance and weak acid resistance. ③ Good elasticity, strong adhesion and elongation.
④ Bright color, easy maintenance and long service life.
There is also an environment-friendly plastic runway, which does not contain harmful substances of benzene and mercury. It is a green environmental protection product. It can guarantee the physical and mental health of athletes, teachers and students. The quality standard indicators shall be implemented according to the plastic runway standard (gb/t14833-93).
(5) Product features
① Elasticity. The plastic surface has proper elasticity, which can produce a proper rebound force for athletes, protect athletes' joints and ligaments, and reduce the risk of injury.
②。 The anti-skid particle layer of the plastic surface layer can ensure that the surface is not slippery and provide a stable and safe feeling for athletes. Even in wet conditions and inclement weather, it can ensure that the athletes' feet are firm, start, accelerate and run fast and safely.
③ Wear resistance. The plastic surface course has excellent wear resistance, which can ensure the long-term stability of the surface course structure, and can use special spikes for the plastic runway within 7mm
④ Stable. The plastic surface layer has excellent anti-aging, low temperature resistance, damp heat resistance and oxygen
Unchanged, extending its best service life. UV resistance and other functions to ensure that the physical and mechanical properties and appearance structural characteristics of the surface layer are permanent
⑤ It can be used for training, competition, etc. immediately after heavy rain or washing when it has an appropriate drainage system, and its service performance
⑥ Easy maintenance. The plastic surface does not need special maintenance within its reasonable range of use. It only needs to be washed frequently to keep it clean every day.
(6) Product type breathable polyurethane plastic track adopts the composite structure approved by IAAF. The upper layer is mechanically sprayed with polyurethane and fine EPDM environmental friendly color particles, and the lower layer is a mechanically laid buffer layer. It meets the training standards of professional track and field athletes, with a standard thickness of 13mm, especially suitable for school track and field venues.


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