FRP foam sandwich panel

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FRP foam sandwich panel
FRP foam sandwich panel is a composite structure with FRP as the surface layer and foam as the core layer. The advantages of split glass foam sandwich panel are high specific strength, smooth surface, good structural stability, high load capacity, fatigue resistance, vibration resistance, sound insulation, heat limitation, etc. The other is cast-in-place integral molding. There are two production methods for FRP foamed plastic sandwich panels. One is to prefabricate and bond type laminated sandwich panels respectively according to design requirements, and then bond them together. The key technology of bonding molding is to reasonably select adhesives and bonding process conditions. In the production of foam sandwich panels, in addition to meeting the general bonding process conditions, the bearing pressure of foamed plastics should also be considered when selecting the forming pressure, because the compressive strength of some low-density foamed plastics is often less than 0 IMPa。 Hollow plate production line www.handern com
In order to improve the production rate, heating is often used to accelerate curing in the bonding process. In the early stage, electric furnace is often used for heating and curing, but the cycle is long and the heat consumption is large. At present, metal wire is often used for heating and curing. This method uses metal wire or tape with a diameter less than 0.02mm to generate electric heating in the adhesive layer with a thickness of 0.15~0.25mm to heat and cure the adhesive. This method is applicable to all adhesives, and can make the temperature of the bonding layer reach about 180 ℃ in a few seconds, while minimizing the heat lost. Hollow plate production line www.handern com
Casting integral molding: pour foamed plastic mixed raw materials into the mold cavity of the FRP structure, and then conduct foaming molding and curing treatment to make the foamed plastic fill the mold cavity and bond with the FRP to form an integral new layer structure. When this method is adopted, the inner wall of the cavity shall be cleaned and coated with adhesive (except polyurethane, phenolic resin and epoxy foam), and then mixed raw materials shall be poured. The feeding amount shall be accurate, and the feeding error shall be controlled within 0~5%. Prevent splashing during casting, otherwise large holes will be formed in the mold cavity, affecting the product quality. Hollow plate production line www.handern com
The integrally molded FRP foam sandwich structure generally needs post-treatment, and the temperature and time of post-treatment should be determined according to the type of foam and resin. The heating rate should be slow to prevent internal stress cracks. It is best to externally press the FRP foam sandwich structure or put it in the mold during heat treatment to prevent the structure from deformation, blistering, cracks and other defects caused by post-treatment. The strength of the treated foam sandwich panels has been improved to varying degrees.
Cement polystyrene foam sandwich board ① cement polystyrene foam sandwich board is an integrated board made in the factory with polystyrene foam as the core layer and cement as the outer layer. It has a variety of structures. Some cement polystyrene foam sandwich panels are used for external insulation of walls and roofs, some for internal insulation of walls and roofs, and some for internal partitions and non bearing walls of buildings. Hollow plate production line www.handern com
② The cement layer of a cement polystyrene foam sandwich board is reinforced with alkali resistant glass fiber mesh. It is made of self extinguishing polystyrene foam board as the core board, special cement mortar (low alkali cement mortar) as the base material, and alkali resistant glass fiber mesh as the surface reinforcement layer after molding and curing. Its density is 200~300kg/m 3, It can be used as external wall external insulation board, external wall internal insulation board, roof insulation board, etc. During construction, it can be directly bonded with concrete, cement, hollow block and other walls. As this board is constructed by dry operation, it can be decorated immediately after construction. Hollow plate production line www.handern com
③ The cement layer of another cement polystyrene foam sandwich board is reinforced with glass fiber cement, which is also called "GRC sandwich composite board". It is formed by spraying method, and can be made into plate-shaped and other shaped products. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good toughness, waterproof, crack resistance and low price. In recent years, GRC has been widely used abroad and developed rapidly in China. GRC sandwich board also uses expanded perlite as insulation layer. "GRC external insulation board" takes polystyrene foam as the core, and the outer layer is GRC sandwich composite board. When in use, it shall be paved and hung on the built external wall, and the slab joints shall be filled with polyethylene foam plastic and then pointed with crack proof mortar. Hollow plate production line www.handern com
④ There is also a "BT type precast slab" with similar structure, which is specially used for external insulation of external walls.
It is a small prefabricated box shaped steel skeleton structure with ordinary cement mortar as the base material and reinforced by galvanized wire mesh and steel bars. The flame-retardant EPS board insulation layer with a thickness of 40~50mm (Beijing area) is compounded in it, which not only meets the heat preservation and energy-saving indicators, but also has excellent strength and students' ability. "BT prefabricated external wall external thermal insulation energy-saving board (with facing)" is abbreviated as BT board. It is easy to obtain materials and low cost. It can be prefabricated into various plates with facing as required. It can be formed at one time, saving labor and time. It is used in many residential projects.


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