plastic sheet making machine manufacturer

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plastic sheet making machine manufacturer


1 Packing Material packing sheet, packing box ,packaging 
2 Turnover box container of electric parts, food, drink 
3 Advertising Board advertising board, show board, brand mark,light box board 
4 Industry Uses Protection board, padding board, luggage carrier,separating board, baseboard, cross board for all things 
5 Construction Board Partition, protection board of wall, ceiling board 

Specifications of Polycarbonate corrugated Sheet production line 

Machine type1400 1800 2300 2700
Max sheet width(mm)1250 1650 2150 2550
Sheet thickness(mm)2-6 6-12 12-20 2-6 6-12 12-20 2-6 6-12 2-6 6-12
Line Speed(m/min)1-6  2-10 1-6  2-10 1-6  2-10 1-6  2-10
Max output(kg/h)180-260 220-350 320-450 360-500
Motor power(kw)55-90 75-110 90-132 110-160
Screw ModelSJ105/36 SJ110/36 SJ120/36 SJ135/36 SJ150/36

The configuration of machines can be CUSTOMIZED according to your needs!

Benefits of Polycarbonate corrugated Sheet production line 
1. Required high production efficiency
2. Production flexibility( controllable sheet thickness and width, for example, you can produce 2-6mm thick sheet with the same mould or machine)
3. Reliability and stability
4.Excellent Adaptability to different raw material and reach over 30% production cost reduction.
5. Size and shape diversity of finished products


Presale Service:

1)Select equipment model;

2)Design and manufacture products according to clients' special requirements

3)Train technical personnel for clients 

Service during the sale

1)check products ahead of delivery

2)Help clients to draft solving plans

After-sale Service

1)Provide considerate service to minimize clients' worries

2)help clients to prepare for the first construction scheme

3)Install and debug the equipment

4)Train operators for clients

5)Examine the machine

6)Take initiatives to eliminate the troubles rapidly

7)Provide perfect service

8)Provide technical exchange.

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