pp cast film machine

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Single-layer,multi-layer co-extrusion casting film machine

 Adopted casting film technology,can produce Optical grade PP film,optical grade iridescent film.CPP packing film,High grade PE basic film,High grade PP basic film,food cling film,wrapping film and stretch film production, this machine has reasonable structure,easy to operate,advanced casting technology, energy efficient; film products, uniform, smooth take-up, it is the ideal equipment to produce plastic film packaging materials.

Good quality casting film use area:

◎ CPP polypropylene film

Widely used in textile, food, flowers, soft packaging,candy wrest film,and for the basic film of lamination film,also for the basic film of metal film and vacuum aluminium plated film.
 ◎LLDPE stretch wrapping film

The LLDPE series co-extrusion casting stretch film mainly use in the wrapping package for manual or machine, household refrigerator wrapping film,and farming feed production and other occasions.Produced by the mixture of LDPE and LLDPE 10 microns thick self-adhesive film has excellent stretch and retraction bind tightly features.
 ◎ Food cling wrapping film

 ◎Lithium battery dissepiment film

Technical data

Machine modle





Film widthmm





Film thickness(mm)


Max. line speed(m/min)


100#pp cast film machine

200#pp cast film machine

300#pp cast film machine

400#pp cast film machine

500#pp cast film machine

600#pp cast film machine

700#pp cast film machine

800#pp cast film machine


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