1spunpond non-woven fabric machinery

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1spunpond non-woven fabric machinery

          Raw MaterialPolypropylene granulemaster batchadditive;

         Production process: 

          A percentage of the polypropylene , master batches and additive by high temperature the technology of air    drawing into web-forming by negative pressure ,than process of calendar shape;

         Products feature: 

          technological process very easy ,and high output ,no pollution and no waste. possess of uniform cover, great intensity , good breathable feature and good feeling etc.

         Products   Application:  

         The    product    is    used    for packing ,agricultural cover , clothing packing. household, hotel accessories,medical health etc;

         Finished fabric width :   1600/2400/3200 mm        

         Output:  4800 tons/year (say 7,200hours per year, over 40gsm)( (2400 SS

         Fabric GSM: 10-250 g/m2

         GSM Variation: CV value less than 5%

         Process speed: 10~250m/min

           Installed power: about 350kw

         Embossing pattern :choose one:diamond ,oval ,cross, line

           Space requirement: 25000*10000*13000mm(accordance to customers )

100#1spunpond non-woven fabric machinery

200#1spunpond non-woven fabric machinery

300#1spunpond non-woven fabric machinery

400#1spunpond non-woven fabric machinery

500#1spunpond non-woven fabric machinery

600#1spunpond non-woven fabric machinery

700#1spunpond non-woven fabric machinery


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