stretch wrap?film making machine

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 stretch wrap?film making machine

The PVC shrink film production line has experienced many years of research,development, manufacturing, now has reached world leading level, adopted the most advanced processing technology from raw material chemical treatment to the final film forming, produced  film has reached the relevant industry standards

Products size range

Thickness(mm)      Width(mm)         Tolerance %        Color
 0.018~0.255             1500                  ±0.055      According customer required

Physical and mechanical properties of products:

(1) Appearance: smooth surface, uniform thickness, no spots, no oil,no impurities, no pincher.

(2) Specific gravity: 1.36.

(3) Hot shrink rate: test at 100℃ , transverse shrinkage is 48 ± 3%, longitudinal shrinkage is 12 ± 3%,can be close to products. Available shrinking machine shrink, can also be used hair dryer shrink, boiled water shrink.

(4) Flexibility Performance: After packing shrink, drop from 1 meter height place in vertical and horizontal different direction to concrete floor three times without cracking phenomenon.

(5) Color: After packing shrink,storage at 30 ℃ ambient conditions, does not occur fading, discoloration, etc, color change phenomenon.

(6) Tensile: less than 2%.

(7) Water absorption ≤ 0.5%.

(8) The natural shrinkage ratio: storage at 30 ℃ ambient natural shrinkage ≤ 0.5%.

(9)Resistivity ≥ 1 × 1015Ω/cm3 (temperature, relative humidity ≤ 65%).

(10) Electrical performance.

Single layer thickness breakdown voltage breakdown time

Layer thickness  breakdown voltage   breakdown time
0.07~0.09        ≥6KV?&decDC10
0.10~0.14        ≥8KV?&decDC10
0.15~0.20        ≥10KV?&decDC10 

The products application areas and fields:

(1) Battery, electrolytic capacitor.

(2) Bottle packaging: food and medicine bottle corrosion, leak-proof seal, such as: cosmetic nozzle, soy sauce bottle mouth,  wine bottles mouth, glass bottles and plastic bottle outside packaging, gas bottle switch packaging, five gallons mineral water bottle packaging.

(3) Household goods: Metal pipe, curtain rail, broom stick, activity hanger rod, wood products, DVD discs.

100#stretch wrap?film making machine

200#stretch wrap?film making machine

300#stretch wrap?film making machine

400#stretch wrap?film making machine

500#stretch wrap?film making machine

600#stretch wrap?film making machine

700#stretch wrap?film making machine

800#stretch wrap?film making machine

900#stretch wrap?film making machine

110#stretch wrap?film making machine

120#stretch wrap?film making machine

130#stretch wrap?film making machine


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