three-layer co-extruded cast film machine

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Multi-layer extrusion casting film lamination machine

(90-65)X2-1000 type multi-layer extrusion lamination machine mainy use for production paper basic material laminate packing material,that is the kraft paper coating white cardboard(printed),aluminum foil basic material,laminated with four layers PE total seven layers packing material.The main packing goods is( brick type pillow type of milk, juice, tea drink, etc),the valid date in normal temperature  as long as 2 to 12 months,the machine use PLC controller control,HIM operation.

Main technical data:

1.Suitable basic material:roller paper,roller aluminum foil

2.Casting film material:lamination grade PP,PE,etc resin

3.Casting film effective width:600~1000mm

4.Casting film thickness:0.012~0.03mm (single layer)

5.Casting film uniformity:error ±6%

6.Peel strength:3~5N/30mm(depend on the laminated basic material)

7.Design mechanical speed:0~150m/min

8.1st Unwinding diameter max.:φ1200mm,2nd  Unwinding diameter max.:φ600mm;

winding max. diameter:1200mm

100#three-layer co-extruded cast film machine

200#three-layer co-extruded cast film machine

300#three-layer co-extruded cast film machine

400#three-layer co-extruded cast film machine

500#three-layer co-extruded cast film machine

600#three-layer co-extruded cast film machine

700#three-layer co-extruded cast film machine


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